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          A Decade of Land Value Increases
          A Graphic Answer To Why Farmland Prices Were Up in 2021
          A Twenty Year Look at U.S. Farm Income
          Auctions Sales Up 50% at Farmers National Company
          Change in U.S. Farm Numbers Over the Past 170 Years
          Commodity Prices and Global Events Propel Land Prices Further in 2022
          Comparing the Size of U.S. Farm Income to Large Companies
          Farmers Continued To Buy Farmland in 2021
          Farmland Price Increase Delineated in Federal Reserve Survey
          Farmland Sales Reach New Peaks in Iowa
          How Much Will Land Prices Jump in the First Quarter?
          Land Auction Sales Up 130% the Past Six Months
          Land Auctions Are Hot!
          Land Auctions Continue Year Round
          Land Price Trends in the Southern Plains
          Land Prices Up 20% Since the First of the Year
          Land Value Trends for Selected States
          Landowner Decisions: More Important Than Ever
          Making Economic Projections When Purchasing Land, Part 2
          Much To Be Thankful For in Ag
          New Land Auction Highs in the Eastern Cornbelt for Farmers National Company
          Randy Dickhut, Senior VP of Real Estate to Retire, Paul Schadegg Promoted
          Supply and Demand in the Ag Land Market Continue to Support Prices
          The Effect of World Events on Grain Prices and Land Values
          The Impact of Low Interest Rates On Farmland Values
          The Importance of Agricultural Land for the World
          The Importance of Making Projections When Purchasing Ag Land
          The Land Market Was Hot In the Last Quarter of 2021
          The Next Six Months in the Land Market
          The Three F's of Why Ag is Critically Important Right Now
          The World's Land Use Shows Why Agricultural Land is Important
          Unprecedented Uncertainties for the 2022 Crop Year
          What Is Happening With Land Values Elsewhere in North America?
          What is Supporting the Current Up Move in Land Prices?
          What is the Best Auction Method for Selling Land?
          What's Next for Land Prices?
          What's on the Mind of Landowers?
          Why Farmland is Considered a Good Inflation Hedge
          Will It Be A Hot Summer For the Land Market?
          Will Land Prices Go Even Higher?
          Wrapping Up 2021!
    Farm and Ranch Management
          Farmers National Company Names New President
          Farmers National Company partners with Climate FieldView to digitize farm management
          Valley Irrigation Announces Partnership with Farmers National Company
    Oil and Gas Management
    Agriculture News
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          Farmers National Company Iowa Land Sales Reach New Peaks
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